❌  Temporary closing of the practice : Tuesday, March 17, 2020. 

I have taken the decision that I felt necessary to do my part in reducing the spread of COVID 19 . I hope that this closure will be as short as possible, I would make my decision on the reopening based on the pandemic.

I am sorry to have to cancel recently implemented care protocols and the krabbelgruppe.

This is not going to be easy for anyone, but let's be brave to protect the elderly, the frail and not overburden already overcrowded hospitals.

Take care of yourself and your family,
and I will keep you informed here about the reopening, you can also contact me by mail for any question.

Your Chiropractor.

Chiropractic for your health.

Chiropractic is a manual health profession that is specialized in
 the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders of the spine and the entire musculoskeletal, ligamentous and joint system.  This gentle therapy is safe for everyone, from infants to seniors. Chiropractic is effective against back pain, headaches, posture problems, tendinitis, jaw pain, stress management and much more. 

Your chiropractor.

Jennifer Delaby is graduate of the 
Chiropractic Studies at the "Institut Franco Européen de Chiropraxie" Paris, France. After 6 years of study, she decided to move to Berlin to pursue her profession. She decided to specialize in pregnant women, infants and children and opened her chiropractic practice in 2019. In practice, the human relationship is essential, listening and dialogue are the basis for her approach.   

Collaboration with other therapists.

For an optimal health, a multidisciplinary approach is important. Involving several professionals with their own expertise is the key. 



For a healthier pregnancy. 
For a safer birth. 
Allow the best room for baby in the uterus. 
And so more. 

Newborns, infants & Children's.  

Because birth can be traumatic.
Because breastfeeding is so important. 
And so more. 

On site chiropractic.

Poor computer posture, neck pain, carpal tunnel, low back pain are recurrent problems at work. 
Improve health and satisfaction of your employees now.

Your chiropractor languages

Jennifer Delaby  speaks english.

Jennifer Delaby parle français.

Jennifer Delaby spricht Deutsch.

`` Jennifer is an incredible chiropractor. After three sessions, I already feel incredible relief from the pain I have been carrying for my whole life. I wish I had seen her earlier. She pinpointed my exact ailments and is clearly extremely knowledgable in her field. I feel very lucky to have found her as my first chiropractor, and I highly recommend her! ´´

Tamara M.

´´I met Jennifer initially for pre birth pelvic opening support. After birth we (my little one and I) worked with Jennifer to support a poor/shallow latch with breastfeeding. While our little one has a posterior tongue tie, we were able to find a non surgical solution through Jennifer that turned our BFing experience around 180 degrees. She worked a miracle for us and the LO is now latching and nursing like a pro! ´´

Emilee S. 

´´Jennifer is the best chiropractor I have ever visited.
She helped me recover from an accident and she helps me now with my pregnancy.
Her skills and technique are unique and she is also an adorable Person who loves job and you can feel it from the first moment!
I totally recommend her! ´´

Natasha P. 

Chiropractor Friedrichshain. Chiropraktiker Friedrichshain. 


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